How To Repair Bumper Scuff Dent Professionaly UK


Below we will show you a few pictures of a day to day guide of what happens in a bumper scuff dent repair and how its repaired using SMART repair Technology performed by DJ Smart Repairs Manchester.




The bumper dent repair is assessd for the best way to approach this rather large dent to the BMW plastic bumper. This Dent was caused by the Driver reversing into a bollard in a car park.




The rear tail light is removed to gain access to the dent damaged plastic bumper. The plastic bumper is heated using a hot air gun to make the bumper soft and flexible so it can be moulded back in the original pressed shape from the manufactorer. The plastic bumper is then sanded down using a DA (Dual Action Sander). 




Body filler is applied to the plastic bumper in order to recreate the original shape of the bumper. This filler is applied and heated using th hot air gun to cure the material.




Several layers of the body filler are applied and sanded down using a rubbing block to create the desired and original shape.




The area around the body filled area is sanded down to create a smooth feel with out any discrepancies on the affected area. The repair is then scotched and masked out. Then paper is applied to stop any over spray from landing on any of the adjacent panels.




Several coats of high build Primer are applied to the body filled area. The highbuld primer is then baked using a infra red heat lamp to cure the primer fully for 30 minutes.




Whilst the high build primer is drying, the colour code is located and noted down to input into the computer for the formulation.




The colour code is entered into the System to create the formula for the allocated vehicle.




The high build primer has been cured and has been sanded down using wet and dry paper. The area that needs to be painted using SMART repair technology. The panel is then degreased from any greases or comtamination dirt ready for masking out.




 The panel is masked out ready for paint Application and lacquer.




Several coats of basecoat are applied until the high build primer becomes no longer visable through the basecoat.




2 coats of lacquer are applied over the basecoat to give the desired gloss finish and proctection from the outside elements. the panel is then baked again for 30 minutes. once cured the panel is then polished using a rotary buffer.




The panel is then demasked and wiped over with a microfiber cloth to remove any residue off the panel. The colour match is perfect and you would never have known ther was a severe dent in the plastic bumper severly devalueing the vehicle.




Now The boring part PACK UP TIME :(


Thanks for reading the article. This was quick quide of the process DJ Smart Repairs encounters day in day out.

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