Diamond Cut Alloy Options

Diamond Cut Alloy Options

Diamond Cut Alloy Options

All alloy wheels which are diamond-cut with a clear lacquer finish are prone to what's called 'white worm'. Even with regular washing and maintenance, the inevitable stone chips or slightest kerbing can break the lacquer seal and moisture can ingress and the white worm will start and slowly spread. In Winter, road salts etc do not help! In fact the UK is known for it's particularly corrosive version of road grit compared with Europe - Funny how Europe, especially Germany, is so much kinder to the motorist than the UK!

The strength or safety of the alloy wheel is NOT compromised but it looks horrible:

Dealerships are well aware of this issue but have done nothing to solve it or change the design in spite of numerous warranty claims awarded to customers with the problem. There are several options you have for killing the dreaded white worm:


If you are still within warranty, complain to your dealer and you are most likely to get the wheels refurbed/replaced by them. BUT, only the individual wheels which you have not kerbed. Also, only if your car was originally supplied with diamond-cut Alloys.


Buy an expensive set of new  Diamond Cut alloys or buy replicas as replacements - But be aware that replicas tend to be made of less quality Alloy!



Use DJ Smart Repairs of Manchester to refurb your alloy wheels to  put them back to their former glory, with a custom paint job. DJ Smart Repairs can remove the coating on your alloys to give you a more durable painted service for our current climate. This is a popular choice for our customers as you can have the coulour of your choice and alloys that will last much longer than Diamond Cut finished alloys. By doing this it is no where near as expensive should you have them recut. It is also very rare that you will be given a gaurantee due to the durability of the recut wheel. if your alloys are to badly damaged we also have a Body Shop where we can also refurb alloy wheels

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